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Summer 2016 Group Schedule!

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Tarot and Tea Seasonal Meetup

Bring your cards and your questions and let’s talk Tarot!  

Saturday July 23rd
1-4 pm in Portland, OR
Exact Location TBA

Come build community with Tarot. I’ll make some tea, together we make the magic.
Join the Portland Tarot MeetUp Group for more info! 

Longview Summer Solstice Meetup

Bring your cards and your crystals and let’s talk Spirit!  

July 20th 6-8pm
Laughing Bison House in Longview, WA
Check out the MeetUp for full details!

Come build community with intention. I’ll make a fire, together we make the magic.
Join the Longview Intentional Elements MeetUp for more info!

Tarot Learners Series

2016 dates TBA

Tarot Basics: Connect to Your Cards
Do you have a set of Tarot cards?  

If you have a deck and want to learn how to use it,  this class is designed for you.

The Tarot is a guide to your own intuition.  It is built on symbols and patterns found in many cultures. One of the hardest things to do with the Tarot is trust your relationship with the cards and remember the symbols and ideas. This class will help you put your own ideas and connections into simple terms and take them with you.

2016 dates TBA
Cost: $99

What you need:

  • Your Tarot Cards
  • A blank notebook with 100 pages or more, preferably smallish 6” x 9”

What You’ll Learn:

  • All four suits of elements and the Major Arcana
  • Complete guide to your cards with keywords
  • Basic Tarot Spreads
  • Intuitive Focusing Techniques
  • Reversed Meanings and Court Cards

Intermediate Tarot: Trust Your Cards and Heart

Intermediate Tarot: Trust Your Cards and Heart focuses on comparing and contrasting groups of cards to gain a deeper understanding. We will take a detailed look at reversed meanings and situations where the card and the placement seem contradictory. We will cover more advanced spreads for specific readings and take another journey through the major arcana focusing on how it applies to larger situations and interpersonal situations.

**This class is designed as a follow up to the Tarot Basics class. If you would like to join at the intermediate level, please reach out to the organizer prior to signing up to see if it’s the right fit.

2016 dates TBA
Cost: $99

What you need:

  • Your Tarot Cards
  • Your Tarot Journal

What You’ll Learn:

  • Number cards comparisons and correlations
  • Court Card personality traits and comparisons
  • Reversed Meanings Deep Dive
  • Advanced Spreads 

Please fill out the form to register!
Space is limited!
You will receive address details and payment options after sending the form.
All classes are $99.00.



  1. This class is absolutely incredible! I gained a deeper understanding of the cards and my confiedence has grown. I no longer rely on the books to figure out the meaning of the cards in my readings!

  2. Hi Lisa!

    Your site is fantastic and has helped me and my friends over the course of the year so thank you so much for that!
    I also wanna thank you for offering this class and making the price so so reasonable!

  3. Hi any chance on learning my Kuan Yin oracle deck better on a one on one. I cant take on anymore classes. I understand it wouldnt be in depth.

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