Tiger is a symbol of power, adventure, passion and sensuality.  Adventure is movement. Tigers roam constantly, covering huge distances in a day.    Tiger reminds us that adventure incites passion in our lives, passion opens our hearts to sensuality, and there is power in sensuality.  Tiger embodies the allure of the mysterious and unique. 

Tigers skills as a hunter have also garnered it mythical associations as a harbinger of death and rebirth, and ruler of earthly realms.  Tiger is a reminder that before great beginnings, endings must happen in order to make room.  Moving through that transition gracefully is powerful, putting us in a position of mastery not only over the self, but of our surroundings are well.  The power is in dedication and a feeling of strength, not in keeping things calm as you make great change.  Tiger is a reminder to be dedicated to self mastery and be willing to make whatever changes are needed, regardless how messy or non-conformist they are. 

Tiger is brightly colored and yet perfectly camouflaged.  Tigers territory is large, and they rarely engage with other big cats unless it’s for mating.  These qualities remind us to be one of a kind.  Your uniqueness is powerful.  Don’t follow a leader, you don’t need a pack.  You are an amazing creature, capable of changing the world in your own way with your own tools.  Pursue adventure, dedicate yourself to your passion, and be willing to follow your dreams no matter how far they take you! 


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