Squirrel / Chipmunk

Squirrels and chipmunks are great foragers.  They save up stores of nuts and seeds in their den to survive the winter.  Seeing squirrels is an important reminder to be prepared, and stockpile resources in case you need them later.   I’m not saying you should become a hoarder, but seeing a squirrel hard at work reminds me to keep some batteries and flashlights on hand in case of emergency, and make sure I buy enough breakfast to make it through the week.  Or sometimes it’s about saving for a rainy day, maybe it’s time to start setting money aside for fun, or for retirement.   

Squirrel is also fast on her feet, she digs for a moment, sniffs around quickly, and if she doesn’t find what she’s looking for she moves on.  It’s a reminder to keep life moving, keep looking.  If you’re not seeing what you need, go look somewhere else.  The squirrels fast pace keeps their body temperature up even when the weather gets chilly.  Don’t get stuck worrying about how daunting the task at hand might be, just get in there and start working on it.  If you can keep the momentum going, you’ll probably be done before you know it.

In some places these animals are incredibly common, so it’s important to note what they’re doing.  Augury is about understanding our relationship to nature, but also the nature of animal relationships.  Is the squirrel digging and foraging?  Time to stay on those savings goals.  Did you see them going back and forth to home?  Maybe it’s time to check your den and make sure it’s cozy enough.  Are they chasing eachother in a wild mating race?  Get out there and get the lover of your dreams! 


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