Spider speaks to us of the connection of people, feeding our souls by releasing negativity, and the flexibility of events or fate. Spider is most famous for her web. Her web is a mirror of the web of life, the interconnected energy of all living things. We are never alone. We are connected even at the thought level. If we think about someone we are adding to our connection to them. Spider is a call to be conscious of our connections with other people and how we maintain them. What we say and do, and how we think about people shapes our view of the world and our reactions. Thinking positive and reinforcing the positive connections in our lives is a valuable practice.

Spider eats flies, mosquitoes, and all other manner of annoying little bugs and garden pests. Spider is a reminder that removing negative influences is actually a manner of feeding our soul and spirit. Releasing negativity and aspects of ourselves that hold us back is a tricky process, though. We can’t just wall them off like Spider, make a cocoon and save them for later, that way they fester and become harder to deal with. Best if we eat them up whole. Incorporate those hardened parts, the scared parts, they dark parts, they are parts of the self, and must be honored and cared for. Making a conscious effort to regularly address our needs so that certain aspects of self don’t rule us leads to self love and more happiness.

Spiders web is a reminder of the timing of life. The web of life is woven with time. Spider is the original weaver. The origin of the wisdom of past, present, future. When she manifests for us as weaver it’s important to look at the timing of our actions and address feelings of fate. When an event feels determined we lose power over it. True, there are things in life that are unavoidable, but how we approach them can completely change our experience. Spider is a reminder that we create our own destinies. We are the weavers. Spider whispers to us with the first light of dawn shining in the dew drops of her creation: Work your weaving with love, self care, and the company of good friends, and your tapestry shall be full of joy and the bounty of good things to come. 


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