Sloth is all about slowing down, gaining perspective, cooperation and hosting.  Sloth is a reminder to slow down our pace of life.  Faster, bigger, stronger is not always better.  Sloth is actually very light for her size.  She moves slowly because she actually has very little muscle, and a slow metabolism.  Sloth developed these traits in order to live high up in the branches of trees without weighing them down. 

Sloth spends her time in the canopy of the forest out of the fray of the forest floor.  Sloth reminds us to stay above the situation at hand.  When we’re too involved and invested emotionally it’s difficult to make decisions or feel good about the decisions you make.  Sloth reminds us to get out of it and get some perspective. Take a step back, count to ten, go have a cup of tea, talk to a friend or a mentor. Sloth actually spends time sunbathing at the top of the trees.  We all need a break to recharge our energy from time to time.

Sloth is the ultimate host. There’s a whole ecosystem of plant and insect creatures that live in the thick fur of Sloth.  Sloths inhabitants create a natural camouflage for her.  Sloth is a symbol of working together.  Sloth reminds us to create symbiotic relationships in our lives. What’s good for one is good for the other if we’re all working together.  When Sloth shows up in our lives it’s time to step back, take a break, and work together for the good of the whole.  


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