Shark is a symbol of emotional protection, vigilance, and picking our battles wisely.  Sharks are the apex predators of the oceans.  Oceans and the creatures in them are symbolic of our emotional self, and signify a need to address the emotional waters we live in.  Sharks are territorial, although some species do hunt and live in groups.  Shark uses posturing, intimidation and threatening behavior to protect the areas it feeds and keep other sharks away.  Shark is a reminder to examine places in our life where this kind of behavior is happening.  Are we victims of  this kind of behavior? Are we using these techniques without even realizing it?  Are we prepared to act, or making empty threats? What are we protecting?  If we are protecting ourselves or someone else it’s important to look closely and make sure that protection is not growing into over-protection.  

Shark is also a symbol of vigilance.  Shark is constantly on the move looking for the next opportunity.  Shark isn’t moving very fast when on the prowl, but a constant state of motion is important.  Sharks even swim while sleeping to keep water flowing through their gills.  Shark needs very little rest to keep going.  Shark is a reminder to find a cruising speed that is not taxing and keep on the lookout.  We miss opportunities if we’re going too fast.  When Shark shows up we should look at our pace and slow it down a notch, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.  Shark tells us to find a sustainable pace so we don’t miss anything important. 

Shark is a reminder to pick our battles wisely.  If we find ourselves as prey in a predator-prey relationship we need to be very careful.  Stay put, remain calm, and be still.  Shark will swim by without even batting an eye.  Hasty action and escape will only inspire Shark to chase.  Shark is looking for the big payoff, so if we make ourselves insignificant, or too hard to get at, we can fly under the radar with relative ease.  If we find ourselves aligned with Shark in her predator form it’s a reminder to not bother with the little stuff. Make sure the payoff is worth the work, and just keep on swimming if it’s too much hassle.  When we’re at the top of our game, greed and bullying can creep in.  Don’t be a bully, the little guy can’t offer much of a prize.  A fair fight yields a much more satisfying payoff.


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