Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle speaks to us about going with the flow, opportunity, and creative manifestation. Sea Turtle is one of the ancient creatures of the Earth, older than even the dinosaurs. Turtle is self contained, and carries her home on her back. While clumsy and slow on land, she is incredibly fast in the water. She rides the currents of the ocean, gliding along the jet streams of the deep. This behavior is a reminder to go with the flow. Save ourselves the trouble and heartbreak of the fight.  When Sea Turtle presents her swimming self  we need to be self sustaining, and take advantage of the systems already in place, to get where we want to be.

Sea Turtle is an opportunistic fellow. A master of going with the flow sees the flow coming and jumps in the flow when it suits her. Sea Turtle’s ability to hear and sense vibrations through the water at large distance help her find the flow she needs. She is also an omnivore, and while particular species prefer different foods, everything from shell fish and crustaceans, to small soft fishes and mammals, to vegetation can be food. Sea Turtle reminds us to be alert! Opportunity is coming our way.

Sea Turtle lays her eggs on land and buries them. When the eggs hatch it’s up to the baby Turtle to find it’s way to the ocean and find food. Sea Turtle also needs air to breathe, another indicator of their ability to cross between worlds. This moving from Ocean to Land is an sign of creative manifestation. When Sea Turtle speaks to us it’s time to get our creativity in motion, and bring projects to completion. More opportunities for expression are coming! We need to keep our heart open and be ready to jump in the flow. 


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