Robin is a sign of new growth, communication, and happiness.  Robin is a herald of Spring. A time of new beginnings and the bursting forth of new life.  When Robin comes to call in our lives new growth is about to occur. Robin brings us hope, the reminder that the hard long winter is almost over.  Robin is especially associated with new growth in areas of love and family.  If you’ve been looking for new love or a new addition to the family Robin says it’s just around the corner.

Robin is a herald, trumpeting our awareness of new things in life with his song.  Robin uses his song to win a mate, singing back and forth and may the best musician win! Robin eggs are also a distinctive powder blue, the color of the throat chakra, which is also about our needs for communication.  If you have a need it’s time to get vocal.  As we grow and change it’s important to keep in communication with those we love.   Find a way to say what you need and what you want that’s beautiful and new.  Don’t be afraid to let your creative self play with some new ideas, especially if you have some one to bounce your ideas off of. 

Robin is a symbol of communication and love, Spring and new life, and new creative ideas.  Sometimes those processes can be difficult or even tragic.  When Robin shows up we can rest assured that the process will be joyful.  Happiness and joy bubble up from Robin’s song and fill our lives. Robin is a reminder to look on the bright side and keep our hearts and minds open for the new life and love that’s coming our way. 


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