Raccoon is a symbol of adaptability, stealth, and personas or masks. Raccoon was once was denizen of the forests.  Unlike most other indigenous species, when humanity encroached upon it’s living environment, Raccoon adapted.  Raccoon is a reminder to do our best with the situation at hand.  Raccoon is known for washing it’s food and it’s “hands”.  Raccoon also has a thumb, which greatly aids in it’s ability to get into things and examine them closely.  Raccoon is a scavenger, she’ll eat what she can find, but she prefers to wash it off first.  In this aspect Raccoon is a totem of thrift shoppers and up-cyclers everywhere, a little soap and water goes a long way sometimes. Raccoon reminds us that a feast can be found if we’re willing to go looking for it and not be picky.  Willingness to get into things and  look past a little dirt and decay are skills for Raccoon. Knowing our needs, and keeping our needs to a short and simple list are key to Raccoon style adaptability.  

Raccoon is also a nocturnal creature. Raccoon sleeps during the day waiting for the night when it’s expert night vision can make the most of their environment without tipping off any predators or gardeners with rakes. If Raccoon is presenting itself moving about in the dark it’s time to look at areas of our life that could benefit from a more stealthy approach.  Sometimes announcing ourselves loudly to the world does us a disservice or endangers our well-being. 

Raccoon sports a mask marking over it’s eyes. This marking has intrigued humanity for ages.  If Raccoon is drawing attention to its eyes as it presents, consider the “masks” we wear in life.  Masks can be uniforms, makeup, work clothes, or even different personas we adapt for specific situations. Some masks are beneficial and have developed for a specific purpose, but even those can hold us back from realizing our full potential if we’re not careful.  Raccoon is a reminder to be aware of the masks we use, what we designed them for, or what they developed as a response to, and whether they need to be changed to align with our current needs in life. 


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