Owl speaks to us about gaining perspective, patience, and stealth. Owl has an incredibly flexible neck. The signature Owl move is to remain stationary and turn your head all the way around. Owl reminds us with this behavior to take a minute and look all the way around us. Did we miss something with our first look at the situation? Humanity does have a blind spot, so if Owl’s all seeing gaze calls your attention, be aware of your blind spot. We can’t usually see all aspects of a situation, and being aware of our limitations is more powerful than denying that we have limits at all. Take a moment and get a good view of things before continuing.

Owl is one of the quiet watchers. She waits. She doesn’t fly off in a hurry unless she knows she’s in danger, or the moment is perfect to strike her goal. Owl reminds us to be patient. Rushing things at this moment will not serve us. Owl has the ability to focus her eyes in a moment from panoramic to microscopic focus. Take your time, zero in on what you really want, and don’t settle for less. Owl is a reminder that Good Things come to those who Wait.

Owl is one of the most swift and powerful predators of the night. It has special feathers that actually muffle the sound of it’s flight, making it one of the quietest animals on Earth. The night is often a symbol of our inner desires and our feminine side, the mysteries of life. When Owl presents this side of her nature to us we are reminded to move quietly, and respect mystery. Mystery is an ally if we allow ourselves to become a part of it. There is no need to herald our presence when Owl is on our side. Our will may be done with quiet confidence. 


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