Mouse symbolizes community, intuitive exploration, and quiet strength. Mouse lives with all of her cousins and brothers and sisters, she is part of a huge community of animals with many children. Mouse is the epitome of prey in the predator/prey relationship. Numbers ensure survival in this case, and sticking together will keep more generations safe. If Mouse presents as a part of a group it’s important to tap into community. Join a book group or a peace rally, a cooking class or a tea ceremony; finding groups of like minded souls is key for Mouse. One little Mouse on it’s own doesn’t make much change, but in a group Mouse can have a huge impact. Mouse reminds us to fight for our common causes, and rally together to support each other and create community.

Mouse is a denizen of the small spaces. Partly due to size, but also due to a will to explore. Mouse is foraging constantly, looking in all the nooks and crannies, and stockpiling food for the just in cases of life. Mouse reminds us that there is always more to find if we keep looking. Exploration for Mouse is an intuitive detailed process. Mouse style exploration is a call to take your time, dig through the goodwill bins, go on a meandering walk through a new city, and don’t be afraid to poke your nose in a check things out. Direct focused approach will not work for Mouse, we must keep our mind open to the endless possibilities that the Universe has in store for us, and surrender to the journey.

Mouse is a quiet creature. Quiet small movement style is Mouses best defense. Mouse style quietness is a way of life, it applies in all arenas. This type of quietness is a sign of strength if applied with confidence. If Mouses quiet nature is what calls to you make sure you are keeping your concerns to just the right volume. There is no need to complain loudly if we can take care of the matter ourselves. If Mouse is your natural way of life it may be important to practice speaking up for what you want and need. Not that you can’t find it on your own, but to make sure you don’t get stepped on or taken advantage of as prey for a more aggressive creature. Quietude is a strength and a necessary skill that many people struggle with. Mouse reminds us to be confident in our quietness and it will serve us well. 


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