Moose is about spiritual mastery, versatility, and intuition.  Moose has huge antlers that are both defensive, and decorative.  The antlers are part of their natural camouflage, a tool to keep predators at bay, and an important part of garnering a mate.  Moose antlers are the largest of any land mammal on earth.   This literal crown reminds us to tune into our spiritual nature, our higher self, or the guidance of the heavens. Moose is regarded by most North American Indian tribes as an omen of spiritual awakening and power.  Moose calves are born with their eyes open, though, reminding us that if we’re already awake to our spiritual nature, Moose’s message may be more about mastery than awakening.  Either way Moose is an omen of the power of the spiritual in our lives. 

Moose is comfortable in many different types of terrain, marsh, plains, snow, forest. Moose has very good depth perception, which enables them to navigate varied environments gracefully. Moose looks sort of strange when it stands out, but Moose has has an amazing ability to blend in with the surroundings, and move quickly and quietly. Moose is unexpectedly stealthy.  Moose has very sharp hooves which can cut through the underbrush and keep footing steady in strange conditions.  Moose is comfortable and associated with water, lakes, ponds, and in some cases even the sea.  Moose will swim between small islands of the coastal regions, and dive to the bottom of lakes even to get some fresh vegetation.   Moose reminds us that versatility is key to survival.  We can thrive in any environment if we take the time to engage with it properly. A little careful observation and slow steady footing assures our ability to keep our composure in new or unusual situations. 

Moose points to our need to respect our intuition and tune in in many ways.  Moose is one of the most respected mothers of the animal kingdom.  Moose mothers are incredibly protective; most animals steer clear when she has her calf nearby.   Moose has acute senses of smell and hearing.   If something doesn’t sound or smell right, or our inner voice is telling us something, we need to pay attention. Moose’s sharp senses, comfort with water and renowned motherhood are all symbols of intuition and deep knowledge.  Moose reminds us to trust our gut and listen to our intuition, our inner self knows the way if we just trust our own knowing. 


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