Geese are flock animals, they fly together, they eat together, and when they land in an area they have an effect of scaring off other birds in large because there are so many of them and they are so noisy.  Seeing geese together puts us on advisement to be aware of who we consider our “flock”, and make sure we aren’t scaring other people off who might be just as valuable allies, but who are maybe very different than we are.  

The other main point I’d like to make about geese is that they are migratory, they make their home in different locations.  Consider the places over the years that you have called home, and how often you’ve changed.  Geese may show up because of a recent move, or because you’ve been in one place too long.  Where is your flock? 

In conjunction with the full moon in Taurus, I would be especially attuned to home and the idea of being comfortable with the people you need to make home more than the places.  Giving some extra hugs and encouragement, or cooking for friends and family is a great idea.  These two together makes me think of potlucks and bonfires! 


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