Fox is about creative solutions, expert planning, and feminine sexuality. Fox is well known for her tales of slyness and cunning. From stealing chickens to tricking the Sun, Fox will get her way, but not by any conventional means. When Fox shows up as a mischief maker we need to approach our current situation with a unique solution. Being blunt and forthright might not get us where we need to go. We need to finesse our response, be diplomatic, play our cards close to the chest. Mystery is our friend if we use it as a tool, just make sure any secrets you make are worth keeping.

Fox doesn’t pull off amazing feats of cunning without a certain amount of premeditation. Fox is swift and quiet, but Fox is also patient. Fox will assess a situation from all angles, waiting until the chickens and the farmer are asleep, judging the ground to see which way is the quietest approach, mindful of the direction of the wind and the nose of the dog. Before you take action Fox cautions you to look at all of the factors to success. Plan to the perfect degree, have a back up plan and an escape route in case it doesn’t work out; then wait patiently until the moment is right.

Fox is also regarded as a symbol of feminine wiles. Fox has beautiful colorful coat and has a lush bushy tail. She is sexy and smart. She gets what she wants. She doesn’t need to hide behind modesty and humility or exhibition and pride. Fox is gorgeous, and she knows it. She reminds us that confidence is sexy. She tells us to put our self doubt away and turn up the charm. Your inner Fox is just a confident moment and a subtle smile away.  


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