Falcon is a symbol of speed, intelligence, precision and patience. Falcon hunts by perching and watching.  Falcon waits for the perfect moment to strike, and then strikes with speed and precision.  This bird is not about general ideas and big pictures.  This bird is about monitoring a situation closely and making your move at just the right moment, in just the right way.  Falcon is not only quick to act, but also quick to stop.   The ability to leave a situation quickly is just as important to precision as the ability to get up and go quickly. 

Falcons incredible agility and speed give it a graceful appearance.  Under that appearance is a mastery of the situation at hand due to patience and expert observation. When Falcon calls us we are reminded to find a good vantage point and wait and watch.  Patience gives us the information to make a better decision.  The timing will be perfect, but we have to be willing to wait for it.  Finding a good vantage point is key. Before taking action in a situation Falcon reminds us to take stock of what’s already going on.  Opportunity abounds for Falcon.  If the current location yields little opportunity Falcon moves on. To accurately assess the situation observation is needed, though.  When Falcon calls us we need to find a good perch and observe closely.  Wait till the moment is right, and then strike! 


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