Eagle is a symbol of inspiration, creative growth, and true love. Eagle has mythology built up around her in many ancient and modern cultures. She has become a symbol of virtue, honor and glory. Her ability to fly so high and gracefully has inspired humanity for thousands of years. When Eagle calls our soul to action a time of great inspiration is at hand. Our dreams, even ones we had given up on, will come into sharp clarity, and the steps to achieving them may come barreling down the timeline towards us. With Eagle as our guide our heart and soul soar into the heavens and return us to Earth inspired and alive with a new vision and the means to realizing our dreams.

Eagle is an incredibly efficient hunter. She spends relatively little time hunting, and plenty of time flying with joy and perching and observing. This aspect of Eagle reminds us that we need the earthly plane to nurture and sustain us, but our creative nature is what makes life worth living. Eagle will inspire us, and then it is up to us to be wise and resourceful. There is no need to throw tons of energy and time at sustaining ourselves. Eagle reminds us that life is a labor of love, and we actually require very little to be well. More important than any kind of daily life toil is the need for creative expression and growth. With Eagle as our guide inspiration abounds! It’s time to pour our life force and love into our creativity.

Eagle mates for life. The Eagle mating dance is a soaring flight and dive ritual, reminding us of the excitement and trust that Love requires. Males collect nesting materials and females build the nest. Both parents feed the young, a reminder of the equality we need in our partner. We must be able to trust them implicitly, and share the labor of life and love. True partnership is a work of art, and Eagle is a reminder to cultivate love with joy. If Eagle has come to us expressing partnership we should ready our hearts for the Love of a Lifetime. 


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