Coyote is known for being wily and sly, but underneath that cunning smile Coyote reminds us first and foremost to be adaptable: do the best with what you have here and now, allow your social structure to grow and change, and be brave in the face of a changing world. Grow with the world, not against it. In Native American lore Coyote is the trickster. Be mindful of offers that come your way. Look for the angle in someones words before blindly trusting that they have your best interest at heart. Conversely, even if they have your best interest at heart they may not know what is really right for you. Only you can know what is truly right for you.

Coyote pairs monogamously for a few years at a time, but then will move on. Coyote lives in small family groups of 5-6, so keeping family close and allowing space for your partner to breathe might be in order if Coyote has come to visit. Coyote eats everything. Mostly little mammals and birds that it can kill, but carrion and and fruits and veggies are not uncommon either. Coyote is adaptable. They’ll even use an abandoned den from a badger or gopher if they can find one. Coyote will look for the best they can find in the situation at hand. 
Coyote has adapted to human presence better than many other mammals as well. Seeing Coyote on a city street reminds us to work with what we’ve got. How are you adapting yourself to fit your current situation? Are you doing the best you can with what you have? Are you looking a gift horse in the mouth? Are you lusting after a life that is not where you are without making conscious steps to be there?

Coyote is brave. Coyote pups grow and mature much faster than wolf pups. If you see a juvenile Coyote it’s a reminder to handle your problems with adult aplomb even if you feel naive or inexperienced.  Coyote is more predatory than most dogs and even than wolves. It’s social relationships are less stable. It’s important to own your problems. Don’t take any grief from other people that you don’t need. Be ready to work with what you really have instead of waiting until the situation is perfect. Grow and change as the world grows and changes around you. 


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