Bee is a symbol of connectivity, productivity, and opportunity.  I’m discussing here honey bee and bumble bee, not their more aggressive cousins. Honey Bees and Bumble Bees are a vital part of our ecosystems.  Bee is a team player on all levels; from the worker, to the drone, to the queen; as pollinators, food for prey and honey makers.  The hive mindset is a key part of Bee.  Bee is a part of a humongous collective of creatures moving forward in life.  When Bee shows up in our lives its a reminder that we are a part of an enormous system of connections, a network of energy that connects all things.  Bee is a reminder of the constantly evolving fabric of life, weaving itself over time as a reflection events and relationships.  The fabric of life is a work in progress, and even it’s flaws become opportunities for growth and beauty.  Bee is a reminder to stay positive, and not to be too hard on yourself.  The connective energy of life heals most wounds with time.  Imperfections can create more beautiful patterns than we could have imagined.

Bee is also incredibly productive.  Even the Queen Bee in all her glory is constantly laying and hatching eggs.  Bees are always working on something.  When Bee shows up in our lives as a denizen of gettin’ it done we should look at our own productivity in life.  Bee takes pleasure in it’s work. Bee tastes the flowers with its feet, and makes delicious honey from the specimens it collects.  Bee in its productive aspect is a reminder to love what you do.  When we take time to enjoy the work at hand we are naturally productive.  Bee is not a call to push ourselves forward to the point of depletion, rather to relax into the pace of doing things regularly and in a sustainable fashion.  We don’t need to work like crazy if we just all work together, many hands make joyful work.  Bee style productivity is about constant even effort and working together.

Bee has opportunity in droves.  Flowers are all over in myriad colors and varieties, some tastier than others, some more colorful.  Bee checks them all out, gives each kind it can find a taste, and comes back for more of the ones with the sweetest nectar.  Bee is an omen of good things in abundance, hard work paying off, doors opening, new  love and adventure.   Bee is a reminder to keep your heart and mind open to possibility for the possibilities are endless.  Good things in life are on the rise when Bee shows up in our lives. 

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  1. Thank you for this posting, Lisa! Very informative and educational. I’ll take this information in stride as I come across my next bee encounter! 🙂

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