Bear is an animal of star power, internal strength, and gratitude. The Big Dipper is one of the most easily recognizable constellations in the sky, and it’s name is Ursus Major, or Big Bear. The seven stars of the big dipper are symbols in various lore of seven virtues, seven types of light, and muses. This aspect of Bear is a reminder of the star power that lives in all of us. We are amazing powerful light beings, and if we harness the creative multiplicity of self we can achieve great things. When we witness Bear in her celestial form we need to open our minds, and receive the messages coming from our higher self and Universal consciousness. Meditation is a powerful tool to connect to those energies, and achieve a greater personal understanding of the connectivity of humanity, and our power as creative beings.

Bear is known for it’s hibernation habits. Bear spends much of the winter living off of it’s stored up fats. This practice reminds us to go deep within. Draw on the reserves of our own soul to fuel our progress. When Bear presents in your life as hibernating it’s a reminder that You Are Enough. You have everything you need inside of you. Especially when times are tough, Bear is a reminder that we are resilient. When external resources run dry, look inside your heart for joy. Dancing and smiling are free in all ways. There is joy in solitude when we apply our creative self appropriately.

Bear is also an omnivore. Honey, berries, fish, carrion, Bear eats it all. Bear scratches on trees, and climbs, can run incredibly fast and swim. Bear appreciates the bounty of life. This aspect of Bear is a reminder to be thankful and take advantage of the good things we have. Bear doesn’t care what his neighbor has. Bear has found a bush with some berries and a good scratching tree and is digging in. Being thankful and positive about our current situation is a key message of this powerful animal. When Bear shows up as a happy involved forest creature, remember to look at your own environment and be thankful for the bounty you have.  


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