Bat is a symbol of transition, letting go of the ego, and facing our fears.  Our winged nocturnal friend is quite comfortable in the transition times.  She hunts best during twilight, when other animals and insects dependent on their failing vision are vulnerable, or less able to forage.   Bat seems to transform before the watchers eyes as she wakes, going from an inert rock looking object to a creature in flight.  Bat is a reminder to use transitions to our advantage. While others are bumbling around trying to do things the standard way our unique approach and outlook can get us miles ahead of them.  

Bat also sleeps upside down, reminiscent of the hanged man motif.  Bat in it’s sleeping pose is a reminder to sacrifice the ego.  Let go of the ties that hold us back and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are.  Sever any ties that no longer serve us.  Sleeping Bat is a reminder that we are better and bigger than even we know, and sometimes we just need to get out of our own way.  Put your pride and your identity aside and do what is actually right for you.

Bat is the only flying mammal.  There are squirrels that glide, but Bat is the only mammal that achieves true flight.  Flight is one of the scariest yet enticing desires of man.  Bat sleeps in caves too, caves are another symbol of the primal mind, the womb, gut instincts. Bat in the dark or in the cave is a reminder to look your fears in the eye.  You may find they’re not as scary as you thought.  As your eyes adjust to the dark you can see Bat eating a fruit or a fly, not sucking blood at all.  Our fears get bigger the longer we avoid them.  Bat reminds us that moonlight can obscure and confuse, or it can soften and glow, it all depends on how you see. 


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