Armadillo is about protection, deep knowledge, and timing. Armadillo has scales that cover it’s back, and can roll up tightly to protect it’s underbelly when threatened. Armadillo reminds us of ancient suits of armor and how awkward and immobile they were. Armadillos lesson for us it to use protection only when needed, and carry it gracefully. Armadillo is also a reminder to have faith in our defenses, if we need to run and hide we can.  

Armadillo lives in the ground, in elaborate dens.  Armadillo also traverses water gracefully, by holding it’s breath, or swallowing air so it can float.  Armadillo reminds us that being able to go into or under the surface is valuable.  When Armadillo shows up in our lives exhibiting these behaviors we need to look deeper at the situation at hand.  What lies beneath the surface, a cozy comforting home, or a place we cannot breathe that must be traversed quickly? Armadillo reminds us to examine not just the facts and theories at hand, but the emotions and motivations as well. 

Armadillo is also a reminder to chose our timing for when it’s best for us.  Armadillo usually gives birth after nine months, but can delay that birth for up to 2 years if shes stressed out.  This aspect of Armadillo reminds us that we have some choice over our timing, but that it’s contingent on external conditions.  If a big project is underway, or about to start we need to set up the environment for it.  If we are not ready, we can wait, and we should.  Armadillo is a reminder to retreat and wait if needed, or push through knowing we have protection at our fingertips. 


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