Archeopteryx is a prehistoric animal. Archeopteryx is a transitional animal between lizard and bird, and is widely accepted as the first bird. From a symbolic perspective the transition from lizard to bird speaks to our transition from baser natures, sex, survival, the undeniable wisdom of knowing our needs; to pursuing our dream, exploration, imagination, inspiration, higher self.

Flight is a magical thing for man, not easily achieved. Archeopteryx reminds us that the flight of birds was not easily achieved either. It was a long series of evolution that led to the modern bird and the intricacies of feathers. We as people are also constantly evolving, our personality, motivation, needs and inspirations are changing. Usually personal change is slow, incremental, but once in a while we shift in a big way.

Archeopteryx is a sign that major change is at hand. Even major change is just another step in the pattern, though. It’s just a noticeable step. Often times this means that the major changes we have already made internally are becoming external, so now others can see them too. When Archeopteryx calls to you, be ready to wear your change on your sleeve, and start pursuing your dreams. 


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