Pronghorn Antelope is a sign of group speed, duality, and adaptable ideas. An old proverb states: If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. When Pronghorn Antelope comes to call in our noticing we can have both. Antelope is one of the fastest animals on the planet, but also travels in a herd most of the times. This aspect of Antelope reminds us to be quick on our feet with decisions and actions. Now is not the time for delay. If we are having misgivings about a situation we need to alert the others immediately. If it’s time to move on, mentally or physically, Antelope advises us to make haste. Belaboring the decision or delaying the work will not make it easier.

Pronghorn Antelope is also a sign of duality. Other antelopes are as well, but especially this North American native, due to it’s particular antlers. The double point of the Pronghorn antlers is just one of the dualities of this animal. Pronghorns are also prone to twins, often birthed in two separate locations. These traits bring the awareness of our own dualities to fore. The dual male/female nature in all of us, the value of both logic and intuition, the devils advocate, and more subtle dualities of conflicting desires, or feeling pulled in two directions. Duality is a useful tool as long as it doesn’t stifle our ability to make decisions and gain a sense of inner peace. Pronghorn Antelope reminds us to look at our situation from both sides, and then act accordingly. If all else fails, this herd animal reminds us to take the group opinion into consideration.

Pronghorn Antelope and all other antlered creatures are symbols of our mental faculties. The antlers are mental antennae helping us process our mental landscape as it relates to our higher self. Antelope in particular, due to it’s speed and it’s group living preference, is a reminder to be fluid with ideas. When Antelope shows up for us we need to make sure we keep our minds open, and allow our ideas, beliefs and intuitions to grow and change. We are in a stage of mental growth and increased capacity for understanding. Antelope calls us to open our minds and hearts and integrate ideas as fast as possible. 

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