Woodpecker signifies finding a rhythm, new ideas, and analysis.  Woodpecker is an iconic bird, widely known for it’s foraging technique which hammers out a loud rhythm on a tree trunk.  When Woodpecker shows up it’s time for us to examine our rhythm in life. Are we in a nice flow or do we need to make some changes to get to a point where we can go with the flow a little easier? Noticing the patterns of our timing in life is crucial to make informed decisions about our needs.  If every Friday we want to go to dinner, but we can’t get a good table, maybe we can make a reservation on Wednesday to avoid the hassle. What are the patterns you encounter in your life?  Are they daily? Weekly?  Monthly? Most people find they have longer cycles too, over a span of several years.  Woodpecker is a reminder that some things are predictable, and that a little self awareness goes a long way. 

Most species of Woodpecker also have red on their heads, symbolic of new ideas and mental stimulation.  Woodpecker makes a lot of noise, but what is she saying?  If our thoughts get stagnant, then our lives do too.  Shake up the mental box, get some new influences, and when new ideas spring to mind make sure they are communicated clearly to the people who would be interested. If life has offered us many muddled situations, Woodpecker is a call to simplify and get to the root cause.  Things are clearer than they seem. 

Woodpecker is a call to do some analysis.  Woodpecker has a strange flight pattern.  She flies straight up and then coasts down a bit. This is a reminder to gather as much information as you can, and then review it carefully. Woodpecker is willing to hammer away at a tree to find the good stuff, so be ready to really dig in and look hard at the options life is presenting.  If other people are involved we need to check their logic twice as well. This is not skimming and scanning, rather it is deep careful analysis of facts and motivations.  


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