Wolf is a symbol of family loyalty, leadership, and standing up for yourself. Wolf is a pack animal. The hierarchy of the pack is determined and enforced by ritual practices. Wolves are effective communicators that employ not only the voice and the signature howl, but also body language and facial expressions. Communicating with other members of the pack is vital to their happiness. Wolf reminds us that our family, especially our chosen family, has traditions and rituals we observe. If Wolf has come up it’s time to participate in our group rituals and take our role in our family very seriously. Wolf sense of loyalty is powerful, protective, and reliable. Wolf reminds us to connect with our family, and the group rituals that feed us, and follow through with the people we love.

Wolf is a leader. She protects what is important to her fiercely. The leader of the Wolf pack is a strong, wise and powerful creature. If Wolf as leader has come into our lives it’s time to step up to the plate. It’s time to take responsibility and be strong for those we love. Wolf is a wise leader and does not usually tolerate in-fighting. Sometimes in order to protect what we love we have to step forward and lead the group to keep it from falling apart. Wolf reminds us that leadership is not something to be feared. Leadership is giving and receiving respect for others, ourselves, and the environment we are in.

Wolf is a champion of the Forest. She eats everything she kills, waste not, want not. She is driven by forces of nature that cannot be denied; the Moon, the River, the Seasons, instinct, ritual, survival. Wolf is a reminder that we must be true to ourselves. Wolf often comes to us at a time when we need to be strong against some kind of external will, a will that is not in alignment with our own. Sometimes even at the risk of great adversity. Wolf is call to be strong. The stronger you stand, the more the Universe will send you what you need. Stand up for who you are and what you believe in! When Wolf is at your side you will succeed! 

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