Snake is a symbol of knowledge, rebirth, and sexual healing.  There are many different species of snake with particular behaviors. If a special snake is showing up in your life it’s important to look at it’s characteristics and take them in mind.  Special markings and behaviors are important factors in determining an animal’s message to us.  Snake is revered in many societies, historical and current, as a protector of knowledge and bringer of understanding.  Snake unhinges it’s jaw when it opens.  When she shows up in our life we have reached a point where we can take in a lot of information all at once.  We need to open our minds and let the stream of ideas and investigations flow in. If life is offering us more information we should accept it heartily, we may not be able to digest it right away, but taking it all in is the first step.

Snake sheds her skin, an age old symbol of death and rebirth.  If snake shows up in our lives as a totem of transformation we need to make way.  Snake style transformation happens quickly, so expect major changes soon, transformation is about to happen on an external level.  If we have already done the hard work of internal transformation, then the outer shell we wear is about to catch up.  If we feel we’re not ready for change, it’s time for some soul searching.  Snakes eyes go cloudy right before a molt, a sign to us that going inward is a part of the preparation for external transformation.  Snake is a powerful omen of our need to change our skin, our labels, our identities, our location, our occupation, our style.  Look in your heart, discover what you want to be, and become it. 

Snake is also an omen of sexual healing.  Snake has mystical associations in many cultures as a sexual deity and symbol of creative mysteries.  Snake is also a part of our symbol for medicine and was revered as such in many ancient civilizations as a sign of healing. Even our modern symbol for medicine has two snakes twining together. Snake reminds us that sexuality can be healing when applied with compassion and care. If Snake presents herself to us as an omen of healing or sexuality we need to make sure we keep those two together.  If our sexuality has suffered, it’s time to find the right partner(s) to help us regain our sexual strength. If we are in need of deep healing, we need to make sure our sexual relationships are healthy and that the healing practitioners in our lives are addressing how our sex relates to our overall health and well being. 

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