Scorpion is a sign of compassion, action, and severe repercussions. Scorpion is another animal associated with a common constellation and the zodiac sign, Scorpio. Scorpio is the constant aspect of the element of water, the ocean. The Ocean in all of is depth and glory is full of mysteries humanity has yet to discover. The Ocean connects all of us, she is home to millions of species.. This interstellar aspect of Scorpion is a reminder of compassion. Compassion is an incredibly useful tool for personal happiness, and it starts with self compassion. Scorpion is aware of her short comings and does not judge herself. She sees how horribly we treat our oceans, our environment and each other, and offers compassion as understanding. No one is perfect. Scorpion invites our hearts to let go of the trivial, and look at the bigger picture. All we can do is try to do our best in each moment, and practice compassion in the moments our best is not that great.

Scorpion and her corresponding zodiac sign are both known for their will to action. Scorpion has a muscular tail with a hefty stinger constantly at the ready. Scorpion is not soft and sweet. Scorpion is powerful and strong. She knows what she wants, and she goes out and gets it. She is not about to wait for it to come to her. Scorpion is action oriented, she is not interested in discussing a thing to death. Once the decision is made, the doing becomes effortless, and Scorpion is more than willing to act.

Scorpions stinger is not a thing to be trifled with. If Scorpion presents to us in her offensive form it’s important to take note and consider carefully before we act. The seemingly dissonant aspects in Scorpion of compassion and action are actually set up that way for a reason. If Scorpion has come to call on us and we are not careful to be compassionate we can wind up hurting others deeply, burning bridges in the heat of the moment, and closing doors of opportunity on our own faces. Scorpion reminds us that for every action there is a reaction. Tempering our own reactions is difficult, but sometimes necessary to prevent a chain of negative spiraling energy. Putting more positive energy out into the world sets more positive action in motion. Scorpion reminds us that our actions at this time are potent and far reaching and keeping things positive will serve us in the long run. 

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