Otter is all about curiosity, play, and one-on-one relationships.  Otter is incredibly naturally curious. Whether river Otter or sea Otter, this animal just wants to go check out the situation.  Otter is incredibly nimble and quick.  Otter can quickly check out a situation from a few different angles before taking action or moving on.  Regardless what the situation is Otter is interested enough to at least go check it out.  Rubbernecking allowed! Engaging a situation is another level of interest, but the curiosity to get close enough to see what’s going on is an important aspect of our watery furball friend. 

Otter is also a symbol of play.  Otter is often seen playing with a toy or a friend. Otter even plays with her food. If it’s not fun, then why do it at all? asks Otter. To that point, anything can be fun with the right attitude.  Otter is a reminder that just about anything can be a toy or a game if we chose to engage it that way.  So go have some fun! 

And bring a friend!  Otter is an incredibly social animal, most often seen in pairs.  They nest with larger family groups, but Otter is mostly a one-on-one critter.   Otter reminds us to take care of our friends and family, spend time with them, give them our full attention, but most of all… Have fun together! Open your eyes and your curious heart, find someone you care about, and go do something ridiculous and entertaining!

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