Horse is a symbol of movement, freedom and power. Horse has enough associations that one could devote a whole website to Horse lore and symbology.  The idea behind my animal signs pages is a brief synopsis of key points, so please feel free to leave comments if you’d like to add to what I say!  When learning about the symbology of Horse and what it means in your life I encourage you to explore your personal associates with this incredible animal. The environment and the behaviors of the animal as it presents itself to you are especially important with Horse due to the wide range of ideas and emotions it can represent.  

One of the most important aspects of Horse is movement.  Horse is so intertwined in our sense of movement from place to place that we named a measure of power to move after it.  Horse is the animal most responsible for the spread of humanity into many regions of the globe.  Horse reminds us: doesn’t just go.  Go with style and grace, and brings supplies!  Horse has been helping humans get from around for thousands of years.  Horse as a symbol of movement is a reminder to use the vehicles available to you.  There are means to an end, and horse is a reminder that the means may not be hands-on or pedestrian-paced.  Hitch yourself to a shooting star and mount up!  Horse says the Universe is about to get moving. 

 The second most common association of Horse is freedom.  Horse can cover extensive ranges of territory of different types of terrain.  We can see the muscles rippling under the skin as she runs.   The image of a Horse running with the wind in it’s hair is a powerful reminder of our own potential.  When we are free to move how we want to we can do amazing things.  We unleash the beauty and grace in our hearts when we love freely as well.   Horse is known for it’s emotional sensitivity. Horse is a symbol of freedom to love and freedom to leave.  

The last major aspect of Horse that I will discuss here is Horse as a symbol of power.  The power of Horse is practical power.  This is not ruling power, or power over others.  Rather it is power to get things done.  Efficiently, effectively, cool, calm and collectedly. Horse reminds us not to be afraid of hard work, especially when it benefits those you care about.  If you have the manpower, the know how, or the tools to accomplish the goal, Hose is calling you to take action and get to work.  Doing good work feels good. 

As I said before this is by no means an exhaustive list of meanings and associations with Horse.  Please feel free to send me questions, or add insights!  I work with people to help them understand animal connections and it varies greatly depending on the person.  We all have a unique connection to the animals in our lives.  How does Horse present itself in your life?  What does Horse mean to you? 

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