Ducks are interesting in that they often mate for life, so seeing ducks around often is speaking to your ideas of partnership.  Pay attention to the circumstances of the duck.  I often see a particular pair of mated ducks.  You can tell they are different gender by the plumage and the size.  Seeing the pair of them reminds me of the importance of my own partnership.

Ducks are also a symbol of nurturing energy. Think of mother ducks and their ducklings following them around.   Mother ducks are very protective of their ducklings, they take their time to make sure all of them are still there. They are Seeing ducks is a sign to be loving with your family. Be nurturing, and allow them to nurture you. 

Ducks spend time on land and in the water.  This speaks to being versatile. If you’re seeing ducks in the water, or on land think about the difference.  Ducks are much more efficient swimmers than walkers, and there are more food sources for them in the water.  However, they lay their eggs on land, and there are plenty of things for them to eat on land too.  Seeing a duck on land would tell me it’s time to sit down and nurture the things I’ve already started, but seeing a duck in the water is about the need to be flexible and be more receptive, not dominating, in emotional situations.



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