Crocodile brings us back to trust our instincts and intuition, walks with us through transitions towards our higher selves, and wields power with lasting effects. Crocodile is one of the oldest creatures on the planet. Crocodile is a patient predator. She sees very well in the dark and the dusk, hiding her size and wisdom under the surface of the water until the moment is right. Crocodile reminds us that the logical sunlit path is not always the most fruitful.  We must trust our gut feeling to guide us through the dark when the path towards our dreams turns murky. If our gut says something now we must heed the warning. Crocodile teaches radical trust in our instincts and intuition. 

Crocodile guides us through times of great transition. Crocodiles are highly amphibious. They bask in the sun for pleasure and hunt by hiding in the water. They congregate in groups and take the best basking grounds according to social structure. The water and the land are both vital to the life of this ancient teacher. Crocodiles amphibious nature reminds us of the first evolutionary steps on land out of the waters of the primordial ocean. When Crocodile arrives as a guide they remind us that we are in a time when we must be of two worlds.  We can see the world of our dreams and live in it, but the life that came before is still sustaining us.  Right now we must strive for a balance between the two. We must be grateful and receiving in the new way and the old way.  Two worlds are vital to our survival. 

Crocodile also teaches us how to wield extreme power and force. Crocodile has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom. Crocodile does not have teeth for tearing flesh or chewing, but rather for gripping and crushing. Crocodile reminds us that when wielding force with such magnitude we must be sure that if we take a bite, it is of something we want to hold on to. Crocodile power is lasting. Crocodile reminds us that if we give all of our life force and really bite down, the effects will crush anything in our path.  Make sure you crush your obstacles and not your love if a Crocodile bite has come to guide you! 

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