Crab is a sign of tender emotions, protection, and unique solutions. Crab is more than just a hard savvy denizen of shallow waters, it is also the symbol of the zodiac sign Cancer. The sign of Cancer is the beginning of the water element in the zodiac, it is the freshwater spring, the purest form of our emotional self. Crab as a totem embodies those same qualities. Crab has soft, rich, simple tissues inside her shell. Reminding us of our own tender emotional self. When we feel the purest forms of our emotions, we are vulnerable. Whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger or love, sharing those sentiments is a risk. If Crab has come as a reminder of our emotional self it’s important that we share with care. Calling someone friend, family, or lover is a choice. Crab reminds us that vulnerability is strength if we honor it appropriately. Weakness is letting that vulnerability rule our lives and keep us from love. Admitting our vulnerability in emotional moments is a process of personal empowerment. Crab reminds us to be brave and express our emotions.

Crab may be soft on the inside, but she has sharp strong claws and a super hard shell. Crab is well protected, and her swiveling mobile eyes keep her on the alert. If Crab has surfaced in defensive mode we should be mindful of our own defense mechanisms. Some of us hide in our pride and ego, or snap at other unnecessarily, we shut everyone out, or let everyone in without discrimination. Crab reminds us to temper our temper, and use our defenses only when it’s really necessary. Crab wisdom is knowing when fear is based on a real threat, and when it is a figment of our own creation. Protecting yourself at the right moment is important, but not if that means losing everything you care about along the way.

One of the most interesting behaviors of Crab is her walk. She scrolls sideways down the beaches, able to watch the tides come and go as she gets from one place to another. The Crab walk reminds us to come at things sideways. A straight on approach will not work in our current situation. If there is a linear progression we need to find the way to go perpendicular. If there’s a group dynamic back and forth we need to break the cycle and introduce a completely new element, or walk away from the situation entirely. Crab solutions are simple, but unconventional. When Crab shows up for us on the move it’s time to look at our typical manner of getting things done and try something completely different.  

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