Butterfly is a symbol of transformation and joy, of the delicate fabric of freedom that comes after hard work. Butterfly begins it’s life as a completely different creature. She reminds us that amazing transformation is not easy.  Butterfly must first crawl around searching haphazardly and then wall itself off, create a safe space, hide itself away from the world.  Butterfly is a reminder that the hard work of transformation is worth it.  Butterfly in it’s full freedom form engages in a beautiful dance of joy with the breeze and the flowers, free to explore.

Butterfly actually tastes flowers with its feet, a reminder to taste what you touch, and touch the things that call to you.  Butterfly  is a sign of joy and and lightness of being.  Let go of the things that hold you down, go lightly, move easily.  Butterfly can point us in the direction of things we need to see in life by lighting on different objects around us, or even on our bodies. Sometimes we see butterfly dancing with a partner, sometimes we see butterfly resting on a flower, sometimes we see butterfly against the sky, against the trees, or on a particular flower or perch. The place we see butterfly is important in how we interpret butterfly, what is your emotional connection to the place or object.  Butterfly is reminding you of your relationship to joy in that space. 

Butterfly has another level of interpretation too; Color. What color is the butterfly, and what do those colors mean to you?  Color for butterfly can be a clever defense mechanism indicating poison or a camouflage.   Is it proudly wearing it’s colors, or is it blending in with the surroundings?  Blending in or standing out is a key part of the transformation process, which do you need to foster your own freedom and joy?  Color is a very personal association as well, so consider your own connection to the colors, and how those relate to joy and freedom and the need for transformation in your life. 

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