Bunny / Rabbit


Bunnies and Rabbits are omens of heightened perception,  family, and abundance.  They are Winters promise that Spring is coming, and Springs promise that Summer will be amazing. Rabbit also embodies the spirit of escape, speed, and jumping at any opportunity.  Bunny on the other hand is about softness, gentleness, and working together.  

Bunnies and Rabbits both have exceptional senses.  They hear and smell things long before they are coming, partly due to their heightened senses, but also due to their quiet nature and ability to be extremely still.  Seeing this animal is a reminder to watch and listen closely, and that sometimes in order to observe we must be very still ourselves.  

Bunnies and Rabbits are also known for their large families.  They live in warrens and dens that can house hundreds of animals.  This aspect reminds us to be aware of the large groups we belong to and the larger spaces we share with others.  What groups and labels do we have? What places do we gravitate towards?  Parks? Cafes? Libraries?  Bars? How do we feel in work or school environments? What is our political or spiritual group relationship?  We are reminded to connect with extended family and friends.  We are a part of groups on many levels, and it’s important to remember that larger group identities create opportunities for abundance in joy and material things. 

Rabbit is one of the top 20 fastest land animals, and the smallest of all of them by far.  In terms of speed for size, Rabbit is king.  Seeing Rabbit on the run is a reminder to act quickly.  Stop second guessing.  There is no time for self doubt when running for your life. Rabbit senses opportunity and takes it, her life depends on it.  Even at high speeds her excellent eyes, nose and ears are feeding her valuable information.  Rabbit is a call to trust your instincts, and go as fast as you can! 

Bunnies, on the other hand, are one of the softest of all the animals.  Bunnies remind us to be gentle, and soft, especially with those we love.  Bunnies nibble, snuggle, and huddle together.  Their prolific procreation reminds us of the fertility we all hold, the ability to create.  Cute, fluffy Bunnies are an omen of Spring, a time of opening to new things and working together in the name of beautiful amazing creativity.  Give some hugs and make some art! Spring has sprung so create from your heart! 

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