Animal Signs

Animal Signs

Animal Signs and Augury

Animals have a lot to teach us. Noticing animals and animal symbols in your life opens a wealth of understanding.  Animal Signs can be used as a guide for daily life or a guide towards deeper understanding of the Self. The practice of paying attention to the animals you see, and letting them help you overcome your struggles was traditionally referred to as Augury. Augury is an ancient form of connecting to the Universe and being open to messages from the energetic collective of life.

Animal SignsThe explanations offered on my site are basic interpretations. My written offerings are based on basic mythology, animal behavior research, stories from the collective and personal meditation. There are many sources of information on animal behavior and many spiritual interpretations. Your emotional experience in the moment is as important as anything written anywhere. Trust yourself, open your heart and the wisdom of the animals will unfold.

Working With Animal Signs

If you’re new to augury and the practice of working with animals as guides, it’s helpful to practice some basic meditation and do a little research. The circumstances of the animal is just as important as the animal itself. When you see an animal, note where it is and what it is doing. Your personal associations with an animal can be important to the message, or a smokescreen of fears and nostalgia. Animal messengers can have different meanings for different people. What you read on my pages is an invitation to explore more.

 You can request a particular animal write up! Leave a comment here or on the Lisa MoonCat Sign and Insights facebook page.  All the animals I’ve written up so far are listed in the menu. More are on the way! If the writing resonates with you, and you want to go deeper, consider getting a reading to clarify the message.

Blessed Be!

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Animal Signs

4 Replies to “Animal Signs”

  1. Hi,

    I’d love to see a writeup on the white ones. I’ve been gifted with a white stag here and back east.

    Out and about here in PDX I’ve seen many white doves and several variations of partially white pigeons.


  2. Hey there,

    I would like to see a write up on a black panther. I’m not sure if it would just be the same as a lion or tiger. Even though its just a color variant of the Panthera species, you see black panthers in calendars, as tattoos, and as team mascots. I’m not sure if that allows it to have a different write up, but I would be interested in reading one. Love the site.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Black Panther is definitely her own animal with a unique set of spiritual qualities. Mountain Lion or Cougar would be the most similar. I’ve got a few animal signs write ups I’d like to add here as soon as I get a chance. Stay tuned and I’ll try to get this one up this month!

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