moon_cat_by_supernaturall-d3bk9t1-11.jpgLisa MoonCat 

Spirit – Life – Divination

Lisa MoonCat has been reading hearts and destinies for over 20 years. She is a master tarot reader and teacher. She focuses on personal development, spiritual development, relationships and career in her readings. She integrates tarot, astrology, spirit guides, psychic insights, animal guides and runes in her readings.  

SMoonCat Peace Prayerhe has studied and practiced many forms of spiritual ritual including Wicca, Witchcraft, Animal Meditation, Plant Spirit Medicine, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Zen and Dance Meditation. Each person’s Path is different. Everyone can start and build a spiritual practice to enlighten and empower their life. 

Lisa MoonCat publishes full moon and new moon updates every month. She offers tarot classes and psychic readings  in Longview, WA and Portland, OR and over the phone. She broadcasts live Full Moon astrological updates with inspirational tips on the MUSE Broadcast every month. She is an ecstatic dance DJ for Sacred Circle Dancein Portland, OR, and holds space musically for personal transformation through dance, Spirit, art and movement.

Her book
 Energy Magic: A Ritual Guide is available for sale at Healing Waters Sacred Spaces and New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland, OR, and online at

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  1. Hey we met on the train, great conversation! I hope your Christmas went well, excited to hear more about energy magic! I’m interested in the Celtic Wicca of which you speak. Keep in touch!


    1. Hey Kris!
      I’m so glad you found me on line! I was so impressed by your open mindedness and ability to connect varying schools of thought.So Celtic Wicca is interesting because what is commonly practiced today is actually a conglomeration of rituals built off of pre-catholic British isles myths and stories, herbal medicine, faeries, and word of mouth handed down traditions from wise women of the villages. Wicca in and of itself is actually a relatively new thing. The witchcraft and mythologies it’s based on though, are much older. You had mentioned it, but I forgot, which books are you checking out right now?
      ~L Cat

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