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Leo Full Moon Tarot Reading
Leo Full Moon Tarot Reading
Leo Full Moon Tarot Reading

This month brings us the Leo Full Moon, exact at 5:27 am PST Wednesday January 31st. It comes paired with a  Total Lunar Eclipse, visible from most of North America, Asia and a fair chunk of Europe.  Mercury moves into Aquarius on Wednesday as well. This trifecta primes us to examine our needs for love and expression. Our actions now must be beautifully in alignment with our long term goals and our vision for a better world.

The Leo Full Moon puts our creative drive on display. Leo wants to play and perform. Under the Full Moon in Leo our heart is on our sleeve for all the world to see. We can harness this timing to display our needs and wants in a beautiful way. The shadow side of the Leo Moon is unnecessary drama. Drama comes from a place of ego, wanting to be important, creating intense situations so we can prove to ourselves that people care. Creative expression, on the other hand, flows from the heart, telling our story, sharing our Love from a place of abundance, letting go of expectations that others will do what we want them to. The Prince of Triax from the Deva Tarot is a perfect example of divine creative expression. He reminds us that emotion is a source of inspiration. He is naive, but beautiful. It’s ok to grieve a broken heart, to sit with our wounding. If we notice our heart, our love, our sorrow we know it’s not really about another person. The more we listen to the intense emotions we experience, the more we learn about where our magic and our Path lies. Love and Pain are both great teachers.

Mercury moving into Aquarius brings sustainability to our breath for the next month. Aquarius tends to want facts and data; proof. But the proof is in the living day to day. Now more than ever we must be able to do things every day that take care of our bodies, our heart minds, our people and our environment. Beauty can sustain us. Art is magical. Sometimes when we focus on cultivating beauty, sustainability happens naturally. The 4 of Triax is a card about the blossoming of the soul. The Triax functions as a fifth suit in the Deva Tarot, and I find these cards speak to larger patterns in our lives. This card coupled with Mercury in Aquarius invites us to speak with passion about what makes us come alive. The more we share our vision of a better world, the closer we come to living it. One person cannot save the world. When we share our ideas we grow the collective knowledge and the magic of intention begins to bloom into reailty.

This Leo Full Moon comes with a big pack of extras. It’s a SuperMoon, when the Moon is closer to the earth than usual. It’s also a Blue Moon; the second Full Moon in a calendar month. The real star of the show is the Total Lunar Eclipse, visible from a most of the northern half of the Earth. What does this mean for the sweet human eyes looking up? It means pay attention. The Eclipse gives us a glimpse into the outcomes of our actions if we remain unattached. It pauses the thrumming of our human heartstrings. If we open to it, divine guidance is at our fingertips right now. Which is not to say it makes sense in the moment. During eclipses I often find myself so deep in visions and intuitive flow that it doesn’t really make sense in the moment. The magic there is not something we must understand. It is something we must Trust. The Ace of Cups takes us to the place where Love has grown beyond a feeling into a connection with everything, with Source, with the network of human intention. The Knowing is not a logical thing, but it makes more sense than any facts you can assemble. It is something you feel. Let the heart and mind merge. Let your busy brain relax. Open your heart. Express your Love. Tell everyone how you are going to grow Love even more. Then Trust. Share that gift of inspiration and let this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse show you the clear Path inviting you to living love, every day.

Love, Share, Trust.

Blessed Be.

For more astrology insights and a Muse discussion of the heart mind check out the Full Moon in Leo podcast. Live Wednesday January 31st at 7 pm PST.


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