Full Moon in Cancer – 2018 – Mastery and Connection

2017 left with as much disruption and discomfort as the human soul can hold. It affected all of us. It hit my life so hard that I missed the Full Moon for the first time in 5 years. I didn’t even notice the December Full Moon in Gemini had peaked until 3 days after it was gone. To those of you who have followed my writing over the years, thank you. Your readership and encouragement; comments and feedback from the newsletter, website and facebook page; deep intuitive readings with clients and friends; have kept me going. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. As with all things, it’s time for a change. I’ve been inspired to shift this blog from purely astrological to a basic astrological update with a tarot reading for guidance. Many of you know, astrology informs my process, but tarot is my true love and mastery. Here’s to 2018 and inviting our mastery to shine!

This month the Full Moon peaks in Cancer. Exact on January 1st, 2018, New Years Day at 6:42 pm PST. Uranus goes direct on January 3rd putting all the planets in a forward march for a couple of months. The last effects of Mercury Retrograde in December have shown their colors. Capricorn is flying her Solar flag with Mercury and Venus to herald her cause. Our actions and intentions coalesce now, starting with the purest emotional parts of our experience. Our inner child needs room to play. Our deepest wounds are on the surface. Our greatest capacity for Love is right in front of us.

Capricorn Sun, Mercury and Venus influence us to notice the most basic building blocks and whether they are in alignment with our emotional needs. The boundaries of what we can and cannot do are clear. We need to be equally clear in our hearts about what brings us joy and seek out stuctures that help do what we love. The card for Capricorn in January is Major Arcana 10: The Wheel from the Augenblick Tarot.  I see in this card the gifts of progress over time. We’ve built a great contraption to help us get the work done. The question now is, do we have the resources to run it? We need energy, money, power, time to run the life we’ve designed and even more if we’re going to enjoy it. The Wheel counsels patience. Getting up and running with this new life will not happen overnight. It will happen bit by bit and pick up speed as it goes. It also reminds us to get out of the day to day drivel and look at the big picture. When we stay connected to the bigger ideas that are driving our daily choices it’s easier to make decisions get through the tough stuff.

The last month has been tumultuous. December’s astrological tumult of Saturn moving into Capricorn, Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon in Gemini was not accidental. The card I pulled for the challenge we face now came out in two decks the same. Major Arcana 16: The Tower, pictured here from the Circle of Life Tarot and the Augenblick Tarot. The push and pull of physical limitations, communication review and reduex, and the twin energy of the Moon has created deep discomfort and confusion. This unease is showing us the places where our ego has gotten out of control. Where the dream is a facade for ignoring our demons. Where delusions of grandeur have eclipsed reality and left us lusting after the future, rather than enjoying the present. The Tower as I read it is often a sign of major change, especially to physical spaces. Changing home or work locations. Changing transportation. On a deeper level, the Tower is a sign that it’s time to get over yourself, and let go. What we’re doing now is not sustainable. It’s change or die. The Tower is coming down. We can look deeply at our issues, own any bad behavior and welcome the disarray, or try to hang on to the old way as the world crashes around us. The choice is ours to suffer and whine about our problems, or accept change and try to be as graceful and kind as possible.

The Full Moon in Cancer is an emotionally charged time. The card I pulled for this moment of tender heart work is the 10 of Triax from the Deva Tarot. The Triax functions as a fifth minor arcana suit, designed to speak to the soul journey. The work we’re doing now is no less than the work we were designed to do. Our soul work asks us to keep growing until we are deeply rooted and shining up towards the sun. This card, the 10, is a reminder that we are not alone. There are others like us who are thriving and growing. We are actually just one little leaf on the great beautiful plant of existence. It’s ok not to be the biggest or the brightest. It’s ok to be the latest little sprout. It’s ok to struggle when the winds are harsh and the cold is biting. We have support. We are part of a network. Let’s grow deeper together.

Grow, Connect, Love.

Blessed Be.


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