Full Moon in Taurus – Old Wounds

This month the Full Moon peaks in Taurus, exact on November 3rd, Friday at 10:23 pm PST. There are a couple other big energetic movements that I missed with the Libra New Moon post. I’m testing a new schedule, and switching to Full Moons only for a while. That said, let’s talk stars and planets! Jupiter has shifted into Scorpio, Samhain (Halloween) has come through with a dose of ancestral wisdom and Full Moon in Taurus has us redefining routine. Body and health awareness are on high. Old Wounds from our childhood and wounding passed down from our parents and their parents before them are up for healing. Growth and expansion comes now from going deep, rather than communal input.

Jupiter transit lasts about a year in any given sign. Our Jupiter return years at 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 tend to bring blessings when we just show up as our most authentic self. Jupiter moving out of Libra and into Scorpio shifts the kind of easy growth and generosity we receive in the next year. Last year was all about working together, getting more people involved, making sure everyone is equally heard and cared for. Community brought gifts and expansion. This year we go deep. It’s not about group work and fairness anymore. It’s about depth and connection. Honesty and vulnerability in the face of fear. Love in the dark scary places of the heart. This is a make or break kind of year for relationships. Relationships and situations that survive Jupiter in Scorpio become a gold mine of Love and support. Those that don’t survive the deep dive will wash away in the tides of the Scorpio ocean of Love.

Samhain, Halloween, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, all of these rituals are in place to honor the ancestors. Ancestors from the far past, as well as those who’ve recently crossed over. Their wounds and triumphs are ours. Ancestral wisdom is passed on, we listen to the stories and the energetic connections pulling on our hearts, trying to do things better, if even just a little bit. It’s important to look at the wounds they could not heal. We may be able to heal in this lifetime what they could not. Maybe their wound was poverty, maybe it was reckless addiction, maybe it was lack of emotional connection, maybe they longed for recognition and their efforts were never noticed. The Full Moon still charges our skies, and our ancestors are always there to guide us if we reach for them. Ask the hard questions. Ask them what hurt the most in their lifetime. Maybe they lost a child, maybe they lost a job, maybe they were imprisoned or enslaved or abused, maybe they killed or enslaved or abused someone else. Ask them what would heal that wound for them. Notice how your own fears and drives in this lifetime mirror those ancestral wounds. We can heal wounds for our family lines by doing our own healing work.

Taurus Full Moon wants physical results. We need to do and build. We need to give and act and serve. Duty is high priority for the Taurus Moon. Our duty right now is to healing. Healing our own hearts, healing ancestral wounds, healing the wounds our parents gifted us from their own fears. Not everyone can help us on this journey. Deep, powerful, Jupiter in Scorpio connection is what we need now. Don’t be afraid to get a little dark with people. If the relationship can’t sustain it, it will wash out. We don’t need 100 minor allies at court. We need one friend we would trust our life with to stand next to us on the battlefield. The stakes are real. Our hearts are open. The past is calling. It’s ready to heal. Draw your sword and flowers will sprout in the fields where we shed the blood of our greatest fears. You are strong. You are enough. You are beautiful. You can do it.

Go Deep. Heal.

Blessed Be.


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