Full Moon in Aries – Heart Light

This month the Full Moon is exact in Aries on Thursday, October 5th at 11:40 am PST. We’ve survived a few tsunamis of change rippling out from the eclipse this summer and the socio political upheaval early this year. We’re hungry for stability. We want a safe place to sink our roots deep and provide us comfort through the darker half of the year. But things are still changing. There’s another wave of change building momentum. We can feel it coming. Pluto is direct now, after his very long retrograde cycle, which helps things come to their natural end. Jupiter is wrapping up his transit through Libra as well, giving us a moon cycle full of completion and evolution.

Pluto in ancient mythology is the ruler of the underworld, he watches over the things that have died or permanently changed. Pluto in astrology is the harbinger of evolution. Not gut wrenching, terrible, unexpected change, but natural, predictable, healing growth. It may be sad, but it’s not surprising. The next big thing is on the horizon, and before we can step into it fully, we must let go of the past. This is a time to grieve that which is no longer, the beautiful dreams that are not meant to realize. Pluto helps our heart let go of what could have been. It’s time to create space, clear out old ties and make room for our a new perspective.

Jupiter is pushing through the last gasp of Libra during this lunar cycle as well. Libran Jupiter brought us opportunities for expansion based on working together, finding common ground, on balance and equality. With Pluto easing the pressure to stay the same it allows for the reconciliation of mutually beneficial partnerships. Groups that came together over an ideal or a purpose are ready to move into the next phase, which may look like a deeper more specific connection, or a release; spurring the participants to carry the work forward to new people and situations. It’s time to tie bows of gratitude and leave with our bridges in tact. Hanging on to the current situation because it’s worked well so far is wishful thinking. We know everything is about to change, it’s time now to prepare; rest up, gather support and research means for transition.

Full Moon in Aries gives us a spark of inspiration, a rush of energy, a wave of excitement for what is to come. We crave the new. We need to try something different. New Love, new ideas, new places, new tools. We’re ready to experiment and explore. The trick is to start small and not commit too quickly. New avenues are opening up. Hold up the candle of your heart light and take a peek around the corner, creep a little way down the Path, see how far you can see before you can’t turn back. Don’t rush headlong into the dark. The more we let go of attachment to how things are now, the more whole heartedly we can explore our options. We may find solutions we didn’t think were possible, or opportunities beyond our imagination. Pluto will help us let go. Jupiter will help us find allies for the transition, and the Full Moon in Aries will keep our hearts light. Enjoy the experience of letting go. Allow it to heal your heart. Acknowledge the allies along your path. Look for new friends and opportunities. Take the future for a test drive, but don’t commit just yet!

Have fun! Explore!

Blessed Be!


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