New Moon in Virgo – Diamond Window

This month the New Moon peaked in Virgo, exact on Tuesday September 19th at 10:30 pm PST. Venus moves into Virgo on the same day, giving us a double dose of analysis on the desires that drive our physical changes. This New Moon is a window into the heart of our ideals; a moment to reflect on how we want to live, who we want to be, what we want to do. All that reflection makes us want to plan and scheme, but the next phase is really about being in the moment and allowing the world to shift into alignment.

Venus in Virgo purifies desire. Our love and desires become crystal clear. We see how desire and love motivate us in different areas of our life. Love creates waves of intention. Desire motivates us to action. The trickiest part is when we have conflicting desires, loves and motivations. Virgo Venus shows us how and when those internal conflicts arise and asks us to be open to the unconventional solution that satisfies as many needs as possible.

The New Moon in Virgo is a diamond shaped window. The diamond window is narrow opening in the field of conflicts, wide enough for our desires, but we must enter into it carefully. Change is imminent, good things are on the horizon. We have to be willing to sacrifice some stable structures now in order to embrace the blessings coming our way. Changes in our financial, health and living situations can be scary, but it’s necessary if we’re going to accept the blessings coming our way. We don’t need to worry about other people’s feelings right now. Those will sort out after the fact. Our focus now is self care through transition as we call in new vision of stability.

Life is changing quickly right now. Look for balance in the moment. Balance in this phase requires constant surrender to the needs of the minute. Balance will look and feel different as our circumstances metamorphosize over the next lunar cycle. It time to embrace the funk and do what feels good at each stage as we shift. This isn’t really a phase we can plan for. Change is coming too quickly. Worrying about judgment from our future selves or other people in the present doesn’t serve us. We’ve identified our inner conflict and now we need to affirm the change at our doorstep. It may not be the path we would have chosen, but if we look with an open heart, it is the way to meet as many needs as possible. Close the door, tie the bow, it’s time to let go. We’re coming out of a beautiful phase of growth, and now it’s time to step into a new way of being. Let go of fear. Let go of judgment. Do you. Do it beautifully.

Say Yes to Change!

Blessed Be.



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