Full Moon in Pisces – Real Hard Love

This month the Full Moon peaks in Pisces, exact at midnight between Tuesday Sept. 5th and Wednesday Sept. 6th. Mercury ends it’s three week retrograde the morning before and Mars moves into Virgo at that time as well. Mercury joins the Venus parade on the 9th after a few days in Leo to finish off the retrograde with flair. Analysis and change are calling our name. The Total Solar Eclipse shook things up. Our ideals are shifted, and we’re able to accept that. Mercury retrograde put a strain on our work environment, communication and relationships. Now it’s time to analyze the issues that came up and build a strategy to implement real changes.

The Total Solar Eclipse changed things. For some of us it was a beginning. For some of us it was an end. For all of us it was a realization that things must change, and for most of us that came with the addendum that things are actually already changing, so we may as well get on board. The Sun, Mars and soon Mercury in Virgo is powerful trifecta; a harbinger of practical change that will create physical results. Changing environments, body and health changes, financial changes. If we can express our physical desires, we can see them realized fairly quickly. We have a clear vision of the ideal now, and mercury retrograde shone a Virgo rotating rainbow spotlight on what is not working. Looking at things from multiple angles has helped us gain insight, although it pushed some uncomfortable conversations in the process. Getting the practical elements of life into alignment with our ideals is what September is all about. We’re tired of hashing things out, talking things over. It’s time to make a decision and implement it.

The challenge of Virgo is not to overthink things looking for more flaws or expect others to agree with our idea of perfection. Mars in Virgo should help us carry out our plans as long as we don’t get caught up blaming or conspiring revenge for the ways things have gotten out of alignment. The fault in most complex situations is squarely on everyone. At the very least we’ve let our own boundaries be crossed or blurred to contribute to the confusion. The changes we want may seem extreme but the only way forward is to try something different. Einstein taught us that repeating behaviors expecting different results is insanity. To those who are comfortable with the status quo any change will be uncomfortable. The best thing we can do is state our Truth and be as transparent as possible.

The Pisces Full Moon is our big moment of emotional awareness to shift our hearts into alignment with the changes we need to act on. This is a time for deep acceptance of What Is. Pisces is the healer, the great cleansing rain of the zodiac, washing away fear with Love. It can also muddy the heart with too much emotion, cause landslides in our relationships, and burn us with the steam of emotional words in the heat of arguments. But even those events are healing. Mud loosens the soil so baby seeds can work their way down to wait for spring. Landslides clear away structures that are not supported, built on shaky ground. Steam is the most effective cleaner, stripping us down to the naked Truth, sometimes harsh words bring up harsh Truth.

If we open our hearts and put down our blame, shame and guilt, we invite a sweeter medicine from this healing watery Pisces Full Moon. Gentle emotionally vulnerable conversations allow us to be honest without compromising our integrity. Healing rain; healing tears; healing hugs. Forgiveness, compassion, acceptance. We cannot change each other, but the situation has to change. Accepting others for who they are, and also accepting change as real. Virgo will see to that. It’s time to act on our ideals. Let’s make beautiful jewelry out of the gems of insights we’ve gained. But let’s be honest and kind while we do it.

Think, change, Love.

Blessed Be.


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  1. This is inspirational and beautiful. I’m so on board with getting real and accepting the paradigm shift upon us since the total solar eclipse. Like I say, I’m not a snowflake! I’m a solar flare.
    Peace, love, unity and kindness to everyone.❤️?

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