Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – True Change

This month the Full Moon shines in Aquarius, exact at 11:11am PDT on Monday, August 7th (6:11pm GMT). The Full Moon is accompanied by a Partial Lunar Eclipse that will be visible from Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. Mercury Retrograde is right around the corner, as is the North American Total Solar Eclipse. Read more about the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse here. The Aquarius Full Moon opens the true Eclipse corridor, the two weeks between a lunar and solar eclipse. Major transformation is in the works, and this is the big kick off. Opening our hearts, clearing the way, noticing what works and what doesn’t, and getting inspired for change.

Mercury Retrograde starts on August 12th. The Total Solar Eclipse hits on August 21st. Mercury will be retrograde during the big Eclipse. During that deep transition we might not have the words to express ourselves, unless we talk in spirals for a while. Talking in circles can be deeply healing, but it can also be exhausting. Right now Mercury is in Virgo, which helps us with precision and analysis. Don’t over analyze one word in a sentence for hours, but do use this powerful combination to communicate needs and goals with clarity. If we get some practical logistics hammered out now, the spiral talk during the total eclipse later this month will amplify the magic and healing of the moment.

Lunar Eclipses are different than Solar Eclipses. Solar Eclipses take ego, presentation and the need for action out of the equation. Lunar Eclipses take the needs of the heart, daily routines and emotional reaction off the table. Lunar Eclipses allow our divine inspiration and our logical brain to communicate without the filter of heart for a moment. Love and Pain can influence our experience of divine guidance for better or worse. Emotions are a powerful filter. They’re important for personal safety and human interaction, but once in a while it’s good to set them down completely. The Lunar Eclipse with the Aquarius Full Moon is especially potent for rearranging our priorities; releasing rituals, letting go of emotional attachments. It’s time to burn off the attachments that no longer serve. It’s also a good time for intuitive development. During Lunar Eclipses I go deep into meditation and open completely to divine guidance. With my personal filters removed the messages from Spirit come through stronger and clearer. The more we can tune into our divine guidance, clear our hearts and create space for change, the better.

Aquarius Full Moon clarifies our intentions and long term goals. It’s time to get everyone on the same page. Discuss the big picture with people. Aquarius is interested in how change radiates through our lives over a year or a decade when we choose something different. The immediate impact can be harder to notice, but causes more friction until it’s addressed. The day to day routine gets crunched up and redistributed during an eclipse corridor. This is important to keep in mind now during the Lunar Eclipse and later during the Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipses change core pieces of our being, but it often takes a moment for our daily lives to catch up. We might not notice the effects of an eclipse until weeks or months later. Life gradually gets more uncomfortable, then we notice the underlying core change and can shift our habits to live in alignment.

Aquarius Full Moon offers us a reflection of the sustainability of our current approach to life. Our daily actions need to be in alignment with our long term goals or we don’t go anywhere at all. But we need clarity on our long term goals before they inspire us to act. If we’re not inspired to act by our goals, then our goals probably need to shift. Put the needs of the heart down this Full Moon and let the divine guidance come through. Love and attachment make the long journey more enjoyable, but we still have to be on the Path. It can be scary to admit that the attachments in our life are holding us back from living our Truth. Real Love grows as we follow our dreams. Attachment out of fear or judgment keeps us small and can easily lead us away from our highest calling and our happiness. Notice where we’ve strayed in the name of Love and discuss the impact of those choices with the people involved. The needs of the heart can always be fulfilled. Trust that Love is abundant. Let your Divine Self shine!

Love Your Truth!

Blessed Be.



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