New Moon in Leo – 2017 Eclipse Corridor

This month brings us the first of two New Moons in Leo, exact on Sunday July 23rd at 2:46 am (9:46 am GMT). This New Moon comes on the heels of Mars transit into Leo and Mercury transit into Virgo. It’s also the opening of the corridor that leads up to the Total Solar Eclipse under the second New Moon in Leo on August 21st. Technically the term eclipse corridor applies to the time between the lunar and solar eclipses, but this year the Double New Moons in Leo opens the groundwork for the solar eclipse even sooner. Leo gets a double dose of redefining energy this year, and everyone will feel it during the Total Solar Eclipse later in the month. The Total Solar Eclipse brings a complete ego overhaul, read more here about this epic astrological event.

Mercury in Virgo brings a sense of perfectionism to our language. We know there’s a right time and a right way to say things, and we are willing to do the work to get there. This is an excellent time for delicate practical communications. Mercury goes retrograde in August, and will be that way during the total solar eclipse, so do your precision communicating before August 12th. Set the stage now by talking about upcoming or overdue issues.

Mars moving into Leo makes us ready to jump into action on a grand scale. ‘When I do it, I do it big, that story you’re talking is just water under the bridge’ – Mac Dre. This is the motto for this moment. The way forward is larger than life. It’s generous, open-hearted, extravagant, even ridiculous! If you think you’re being over the top, go for it, that’s Leo Mars inspiring you. When we use Virgo Mercury in tandem with this Leo Mars, we can call out story with integrity, speak our Truth without being hurtful, and still act on our dreams with all the gusto that life deserves.

New Moon in Leo redefines our sense of gift and performance. Leo knows how to put on a show. What we need now is a show of Truth. Use this New Moon to set the stage. The second New Moon in Leo later in August will complete the transition. Now is our moment to discover what is no longer in alignment and call it out. Put it on display. We see in the art around us the reflection of what needs to change in our hearts. Notice where your gifts are not welcome. Notice where you find yourself not wanting to share; your things, your heart, your time. Notice where you feel drawn to give freely, where you feel seen in a beautiful way. Use this as a compass. Then communicate about it. Find the players you want in the next act of your life, get your costumes and props in order and rewrite the script. The Total Solar Eclipse is calling! Ready your heart for the change that’s coming.

Give Where It’s Good.

Blessed Be.



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