2017 Total Solar Eclipse! – Vulnerability is Strength

This year North America will experience the first visible Total Solar Eclipse since the 1970s. The Solar Eclipse is on Monday, August 21st. The exact time of peak eclipse depends on where you are to see it. The eclipse begins on the West Coast at 9:06 am and ends on the East Coast at 4:06 pm. Here’s NASA’s handy chart of eclipse times. The whole shebang takes about two and a half hours, with peak totality lasting only a few minutes in the middle. Eclipses are natural reset moments for the human psyche and soul. Being in the direct path of a total eclipse that crosses the entire country has ramifications for us on a personal, interpersonal and national level.

The Eclipse is a moment of complete ego stop. The brain stops. The body stops. The attachments to all earthly things Stop. For a moment. The birds stop singing in the trees, animals pause in their scurry, the hush of night happens in the middle of the day. The world takes on a strange hue. The shadow side, usually hidden by the hustle and bustle of life, comes to the surface. The everyday needs and drives that push us through our waking life take a little break.

This is a moment for a very deep check in. This powerful astrological phenomenon reveals our deepest internal places. The heart of our desires and fears become illuminated. We see how our daily lives require us to push past our fears, to compromise on our wants, to allow our dreams to go unfulfilled. But for just a moment, our most powerful underlying drivers are exposed. The assumptions we rarely look at, the limitations we developed at our first trauma, the things we want more than anything, but can barely articulate. Here we see ourselves exposed. We must go gently. Cradle our hearts, hold our inner child, inner lust, inner joy, inner pain. Here we can integrate the pieces we need and let the rest go.

Vulnerability is powerful. The eclipse exposes our relationships for what they really do for us. People and situations we are holding onto because it makes us feel safe, because it’s easier than living our Truth, because we need to feel needed, because we want to give, because we feel uncomfortable receiving. This Total Solar Eclipse will force us into honesty. Many of our relationships will take on a new dimension after this. We will take a big step back in some places. The second half of that is affirming the people in our lives who show up beautifully, over and over. Letting go of what it looks like is medicine. We are who we are. Our needs are ok. Non-violent communication teaches us to be open to who can meet those needs. ‘We can’t always get what we want, but we always, get what we need’ – The Rolling Stones

Trigger Warning: This paragraph is political. I usually keep my politics separate, and let the stars speak for themselves. If you are not interested in reading anything political, skip on down to the next chunk. Many of us are completely disenfranchised with the current politics in power and media representation on a national stage, from Black Lives Matter to the Women’s Marches to the ACA Repeal. This eclipse runs right through the heart of America, coast to coast. Almost half the registered voters didn’t vote and of those who did, more than 50% voted against our current President. Those numbers don’t even take into account the millions of people who get no say at all due to their resident or legal status. That puts a dangerously small minority in control of the nations policies. We are ready for a reset on a national stage, and now is a time to create the change in our hearts that will radiate out. The old ways are not working. Marches and Protests make us feel good, but do they really change things? That depends. When we see how many people want change, we know our actions are in the right when we chose to make waves. But how do we make waves? We act, we talk, we empower. The mid term elections for Senate and House seats can turn the tides of what has become a very unpopular political regime. It’s time to get involved. Get to know your local representatives. Talk to them about your issues. Talk to your neighbors and family who are different than you, who have different priorities. Talk to them about what it means for sick people to be denied health care, for elderly to be denied social security, for immigrants to be denied entry, for people who look and live differently to be gunned down for no reason at all. Run for office. Support the campaign of someone who’s already running. Start a podcast. Write your story, make it public. Share the injustices at your doorstep, to everyone who will listen. Help someone who has suffered be heard. Train yourself as an ally and an advocate. We can’t change the system by opting out. We change the system by doing something that makes a difference.

The Total Solar Eclipse can move us to completely rewrite our own story. It’s time to chose a different inner monologue, a different take on relationships, a different paradigm, a different way of engaging with our reality. We are ready for this reset. Let go of everything that doesn’t serve. Let go of the fear that’s holding you back from living the life you want to live. The Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st is just the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to overhaul our hearts and be the change we want to see. Show the world what you really believe. Let go of Fear. Live your Truth. Live it with Love.

Change With Love.

Blessed Be.


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