Full Moon in Capricorn – Beautiful Passion

This month the Full Moon peaks in Capricorn at 9:07 pm on Saturday, July 8th PDT (4:07 am July 9th GMT). Venus just moved into Gemini and Mercury just moved into Leo, so all four elements are represented in the inner planets. This is a moment to find our personal balance point and lay a new foundation for passionate expression and loving information exchange.

Venus in Gemini collects ideas about the things we love and desire. Venus is the ruler of the heart. She shows us how we receive love, and Gemini’s favorite thing to receive is facts, ideas, information and dreams. Dreaming about Love and soaking up information about how to make our desires real is the jam for the next few weeks. Mercury in Leo helps us express the passion and fire of our desires with extra pomp and flare. We need to be a little careful with Leo Mercury energy to listen as much as we share. Leo can be overly generous; trying to give when it’s not welcome. This applies to communication during these next few weeks. Be mindful in conversation. Convey your passion, then listen actively for more information that might feed your desires.

The Full Moon in Capricorn solidifies our foundation. The core physical pieces we need to keep building are coming into place now. Look back at January and notice what cycles were just beginning. They may have been tiny seeds, just the idea of what was to come, but new things were starting. Physical items that support this new phase of life are solidifying now. New cars, houses, furniture, people, clothes, diets, sexual and exercise routines are part of the physical needs for our lives. Capricorn gifts are beautiful as well as functional. They fit perfectly with the person we are becoming. CapricornĀ adorns our world with the trappings of what we want to be. Notice the passions you want to express. Notice how they shape the next phase of life. There are exciting ideas at our fingertips. This is a time for deep gratitude. May Love be on your lips and Passion in your body under this Capricorn Full Moon!

Enjoy Physical Passions!

Blessed Be.


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