New Moon in Cancer and Summer Solstice!

This month the New Moon peaks in Cancer on Friday, June 23rd at 7:31 pm PDT. Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year is Tuesday, June 20th.  The Cancer New Moon inspires an internal reset after the celebration and release of Solstice. Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces, putting our investigation of the greater mystery of life on the back burner for a bit. Mercury moves into Cancer to support the Moon, pulling our communications in line with the needs of our hearts as the days get shorter, little by little.

At Summer Solstice time we have our first taste of the fruits from the seeds we planted in winter. The space we made in our lives has filled up with new people, activities and goals. It is time to celebrate! The warm summer months are upon us. We celebrate success and adventure. We acknowledge how far we’ve come down the roads we intended, and how far we’ve gone down paths we never thought we’d traverse. Solstice is a culmination of energy and intention. It’s also a time to begin letting go as the days darken, to make room for evolution and growth.

New Moon in Cancer is a reset of our emotional body, a fresh infusion of Love in our lives. It’s a clean slate. If Scorpio is the power and depth of the Ocean, and Pisces is the steam treatment or the healing rain, Cancer is the fresh water spring, the nourishing babbling brook. Innocent, pure, real, true, Love. Love that refreshes our Spirit and Soul. Contrary to popular belief, Love does not show up in our lives at some appointed time with some appointed person. Soul contracts may exist for some people, but even then, there is no ‘the One’. There are in fact Many. Our Spirits grow and ripen and gravitate towards Love until it is everything and everywhere. All we have to do is choose it. It’s not about feverish needing, seeking or searching for completion. It’s noticing Love where it already lives. Like walking along a river. We can stay up on the banks, or venture into the forest, but we can hear the rushing water in the distance, and we can jump in at any time. We just have to be willing to get wet.

Mercury moving into Cancer has us speaking from the heart. Getting wet in the Cancer New Moon river means allowing the vulnerability that comes with opening up to other people. It can be scary! We risk rejection or mistreatment when we Love. Mercury in Cancer gives us the power to speak what’s truly in our hearts. If we can hold without judgment the words of others, then acceptance is the only choice, and we can stand in relation with Love, even if that means going our separate ways. We stand in Love for ourselves by telling the people in our lives what is right for us with compassion. Neptune retrograde takes some of the intuitive magic out of the moment. Life is a little more cerebral for a moment. Our gut feeling may be wishy-washy or completely absent. We don’t have to have all the answers, and we definitely don’t have to all agree. We just have to try to be kind in the moment and hear each other as best as we can.

We need some new faces to travel the next leg of the journey in good company. New Moon in Cancer brings a sweetness and gentleness to our interactions. This is the perfect time to practice non-violent communication. State your needs. Allow others to state theirs. Be open to who can actually help whom. The alliances formed now may surprise you. It may even feel awkward at first, counter-intuitive, but unlikely friends can be powerful allies when life throws us a curve ball. Let’s enjoy the release of the Solar apex, then let our hearts gently reset. There’s no need to pull out the Cancer protective shell and claws if we can hold Love in our hearts. Love for others, no matter how they show up. Love for the adventure that’s calling. And most of all Love for ourselves.

Celebrate Love!

Blessed Be.


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