Full Moon in Sagittarius – The Spice of Life

This month the Full Moon peaks in Sagittarius on Friday, June 9th at 6:10 am PDT (1:10 pm GMT).  A few other auspicious aspects bundle with this Full Moon to ensure an action packed couple of weeks. Jupiter goes direct in Libra after several months of retrograde, Venus moves into Taurus, and Mercury moves into Gemini. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius has a heightened impact under this Moon as well. It’s time to get out and explore, but we’ll have the most fun if we buddy up for the adventure.

We have what it takes to move mountains. Or at least to move to the mountains. The Full Moon in Sagittarius has our sense of adventure fully engaged. Our expression of Self is ready for a revamp, and this Full Moon will put the new parts of our being on display. Sagittarius pushes us past our comfort zone into the magic of discovery. Expanding our horizons comes at a cost, though. Infinite possibilities exist, but in order to go one way, another door must close. We must affirm our growth and choose change to make the most of this Moon. Clinging to stability in an effort to keep things comfortable does not serve us now. If change is the only constant, then the best thing we can do is try to aim the changing arc of our life so we enjoy our experience more with time.

Venus in Taurus turns our desires towards the tangible. We want change we can grip. Ideas won’t sustain us. Life is calling for an evolution of our body, home, temple, our idea of stability, and our relationship to money. Venus in Taurus turns our sexual and romantic drives towards the physical; practical gifts, touch, food, nesting and home building are in season. Taking care of our bodies feels really good right now. This physical focus is balanced by Mercury in Gemini. Information comes streaming in from all sides. We need to be discerning about where we turn our attention and notice the ideas and words that get repeated. We can use the Gemini Mercury boost to communicate effectively and explore the pros and cons of our Full Moon inspirations.

Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius reminds us of our limitations. We cannot do it all. Some things have to go. Notice what recharges our energy; what sparks our Spirit; the ideas that get more and more delicious as they simmer over the coals of inspiration. How much spice can we add? Sagittarius is not really interested in keeping it simple. They savor the rich complexities of Life, the magic of elements that melt together under pressure. Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us there is a point of diminishing returns. If you add too many chilies you won’t taste the paprika, it’s all about the balance.

Jupiter turning direct in Libra comes to our rescue. All we have to do to get that perfect balance is ask for a second opinion. The key to expanding with grace is equanimity. The way that makes the most people happy is the best way under this Libran Jupiter. Bear in mind that when no one is happy with the status quo, if change makes one person happy, that might be the best you can do. Sometimes to make the most people happy they need to go separate ways. Notice desires when they arise and find people who share your inspiration. Use this Sagittarius Full Moon to explore! Change is coming. Own it, cradle it, affirm it, make it yours. Spark your Spirit to take your life in a beautiful new direction. Bring a friend or make a new one.

Express Your Exploration!

Blessed Be.



    1. Thank you Carola! These are wild times we live in. I think we just have to keep our Spirits dancing, no matter what life brings to our doorstep.

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