New Moon in Gemini – the Puzzle

This month the New Moon was exact in Gemini on Thursday May 27th at 12:44 pm PDT (7:44 pm GMT). The New Moon in Gemini brings us to a new point of integration. We come to a calm in the storm of change swirling through 2017. Gemini is a powerful information hub. The twins see two directions at once; looking to the future and pulling  lessons from our past. With a world of data and emotional information at our fingertips we are able to center in the now with a sense of knowing and deeper understanding.

New Moon in Gemini shows us how changes in our ideas have also changed our day to day lives. We can see how small changes effect the big picture, and how life will evolve from this point. We have enough information to make an educated guess as to what comes next, and still a little time to prepare before the fuel hits the fire. Early 2017 front loaded our lives with compounding variables and tricky relationships. Now we get to sort things out and put the pieces together. The trick with Gemini is not to over complicate things. Gemini Moon see the complexity of every situation and wants to account for all contributing factors, but Gemini also knows how to cut out the things that don’t really matter. Use that Gemini critical edge to let go of relationships and situations that are making life difficult for very little benefit. There’s no need to keep on for the sake of keeping on.

When I look into the future with tarot, astrology, psychic insight, runes or tea leaves, I see possibilities opening and closing to a person at that time. The future is not set in stone. There are more or less likely paths; obstacles and benefits of each direction. Our lives are a puzzle that is constantly expanding, the picture we are making keeps changing as we go. The problem is that we don’t start out with all the pieces to the puzzle, we get the pieces as we go. Sometimes we don’t even know what scene we are assembling. Usually several pieces fit any one spot, and we can make better guesses as to what will happen as we put more pieces together. Sometimes we have to wait for a critical piece to set before we can see the next set of possibilities. Under this Gemini New Moon we have a better view of the pieces of our personal puzzle. Once we look at the pieces involved it’s important to pull back and see how the bigger picture has evolved. Change is natural and healthy. Find your corner piece and start building.

Put Yourself Together.

Blessed Be.


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  1. Unbelievably spot-on for my current situation. So reassuring and encouraging to see it written. Thanks!

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