Full Moon in Scorpio – Underwater Love

This month the Full Moon peaks in Scorpio, exact on Wednesday May 10th at 2:42 pm PDT, 9:42 pm GMT. Our emotional gauge is at overflow. Our greatest fears are crashing against our door, and everything we Love is shining like a beacon to guide us through. Scorpio feels it all, all at once, and the Scorpio Full Moon can become a tsunami if we let it. We have a choice. We can speak our Truth. We can dive into the ocean of our hearts and be vulnerable if we choose it. We can become the Ocean and let the tides swell through us and pass on into the calm waters of acceptance.

Mercury is no longer retrograde, so our words hit their mark quickly and effectively. We don’t need to hash each point into oblivion. We need to say what we mean, but don’t need to be mean when we say it. The recent Mercury Retrograde pushed us to ask where we want to be, and evaluate our current choices. Mercury Direct makes us want to blast our careful review out into the stream of communication. Getting our Truth out is important, but we need to choose our timing. Some of those questioning moments came up hard and fast, spurred into the darkest corners of our heart by radical events. Some of our queries came on like quicksand, slowly pulling us through our own illusions. Most of those choices directly effect the people around us. We need to present our findings carefully. The super charged Scorpio Full Moon can bring ultimate healing and compassion, or make big painful mountains out of mole hills.

Scorpio Full Moon is no joke. This is the serious stuff. The changing hearts that change lives. How our emotional reality transforms us is a choice. Our greatest fears are on display, but they’re different now. We’ve changed, and so have those deep scary places. Be honest about what really drives that fear center. We don’t have to drown in a tsunami of emotional information if we choose it. Dive in. Dive deep. Be vulnerable. Look those fears in the eye and say, I love you. You. Me. This quivering child inside my heart, who is so afraid of these silly things. This wild person, who made those choices that put us in this position now. This reality that we didn’t full understand, that is hard in new ways now, that our choices created. I love you. Our deepest fears make us human. But we don’t have to let them drive. Knowing and accepting our fears helps us grow our compassion, let go and move on.

The other side of the Scorpio Full Moon is the greatest Love we are capable of. There is always more Love. Love is infinite. A mentor of mine once lead a meditation to absorb as much love into your body as possible, then grow the container. Make your body bigger,  your ability to hold more love greater, whatever that looks like for you. Then fill your container. Overflow it. Then, make your container bigger again. You can do this over and over and over. There is so much love in this world, our ability to experience it is the only limiting factor. Owning our fears is part of the solution. If we’re holding our most vulnerable selves with our fears and our world in Love, we see what is amiss and we work calmly and kindly towards the solution. There’s no need to panic, or blame, or judge. Look at your fear. Then look past it. Let Love shine through and let your heart speak your Truth.

Dive Into Love.

Blessed Be.

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  1. This is beautifully written Lisa! Thank you for bringing so much confidence in love during a time of such an upheaval of fear. <3

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